A Valentine's Day Treat

The only thing I have to say is that I've changed my mind about strawberries and chocolate. The two just never tasted "right" together until I found this recipe. I think the problem I had with strawberries and chocolate was that the chocolate didn't fit the strawberries. It tasted, I guess , artificial?

Well, since I've been eating solely grain free, I found a couple of recipes and put this together because I thought it was time that I had a special treat. (Today is Valentine's Day and everyone is eating sweets.) Well, I substituted honey for all sugar. Such a better choice for me. Sugar zaps all of my energy.

I made the cupcake using this recipe I found at www.savorylotus.com. And the chocolate fudge sauce is one of Danielle Walker's. It's found on page 288 of her book (currently on sale) and uses dates to sweeten the sauce (and I added a little extra honey). Her website is www.againstallgrain.com - it's fabulous and so is her book. If you are a friend of mine, just ask me and I will let you take a peak at my "Against All Grain" cookbook. You will definitely want to get yourself a copy once you see it.

Well, here is the photo that I took of my creation. Earlier today I did make the strawberry chia jam listed on www.savorylotus.com, but it's not on the one in this photo and I didn't include the rosewater, but substituted my homemade vanilla extract. Also, if you want a creamy frosting or whipped cream you will find non-dairy versions in Danielle's book.

Oh, back to strawberries and chocolate. This fudge sauce is WONDERFUL and a SUPERB match for strawberries. Ideally you will need a Vitamix to get the best smooth texture (or you might end up with chunky dates in your sauce).