Breakfast of Champion Digestive Systems

I had to enlarge this photo because I just don't think it was very "viewer friendly" in a smaller size.  This was my breakfast, but perhaps I'm posting just in time for someone's brunch (in case breakfast was missed)?

The fried eggs (you could opt for poached) are sitting on top of steamed cauliflower that was sprinkled with smoked paprika. I had an avocado and fresh tomatoes on the side.  The "orange juice" actually contained oranges in it this morning thanks to an inspiration from Rawfully Organic Co-op (I think).

Orange Juice Drink:
3 large carrots
1 medium orange
1 TBS size knob of ginger
1 stalk celery (my addition)

This breakfast was quite filling.  It's mid-day and the only additional snack I've had is an apple.  So if you are dieting to lose weight, this is a breakfast you should really consider adding to your menus.