How to make a Breakfast (Lunch or Dinner) Omelette

Omelettes or omelets - however you spell it - it tastes the same, well not actually. There are so many choices when it comes to filling one.

Omelettes have become my all time favorite. I love to fill my omelettes with vegetables and/or meats.  If I don't have an omelette for breakfast, then I will have one for lunch and if I miss it at that meal, an omelette always makes a great dinner.

Oh, but before you get started, consider starting the with freshest and most healthy eggs you can find.  
Eggs from chickens pastured in wide open spaces are what I prefer.  The eggs from chickens that have "the good life" are deep golden and full of healthy nutrients.  Chickens that are healthy eat insects, worms, lizards, frogs, seeds and young plants.

Here are some of the combinations I use:

Something Green:  Zucchini, Spinach, Kale
Something Peppery: Chopped onions, green peppers, chili powder
More Fillings:  Mushrooms, Grated Carrots, Grated Cauliflower
SCD Cheeses:  Colby, Cheddar, Harvarti Cheeses can be used freely.  Parmesean and Monterey Jack (favorites of mine) should only be used occasionally.  
Meat:  Prosciutto (instead of bacon because bacon is cured using sugar) or any well-seasoned ground meat would be a nice touch.
Sauces/Toppings:  Guacamole, salsa, chutneys, sauerkraut (all made fresh at home, of course)

Step 1. Stir vegetables and/or meat in butter until softened, remove and set aside 

Step 2. Add more butter, if necessary, and pour two scrambled large eggs into pan.  
Allow eggs to set such that you can easily lift the edges.

Step 3. Add fillings to one side of omelette and, if desired, top with your choice of cheese.

Step 4.  Fold half without toppings onto the other side of omelette. 
Serve with favorite sauces and/or toppings.